CEES is a unique forum for the development of power electronics and

intelligent world-class electronics, where innovative people

 openly share ideas, knowledge and equipment.

CEES is an independent and trustworthy forum with influence.



History of CEES

CEES was established in 1996 in an effort to put power electronics on the agenda in connection with the EU's Third Framework Programme.

CEES started out as the Power Electronics Group under the Danish Electronics Manufacturers' Association, and was established as a commercial foundation in 2001.

From the outset, the partners in CEES have been driven by a common interest in improving innovation, research and development in the field of power electronics.

Power electronics is a key component in a wide range of products and processes, but is not always a stand-alone product.

Power electronics has important functions.

  • It makes it possible to make products which incorporate power electronics smaller and lighter

  • It reduces energy losses and hence heat generation in the processes

  • It reduces energy consumption and is therefore eco-friendly

  • It allows intelligent control and monitoring of the products power electronics is installed in.

The partners in CEES joined forces towards the common objective of improving innovation, research and development within the field of power electronics, and supporting a greater outflow of graduates in the field.


CEES aims to help coordinate ongoing research activities of importance to the field, and serve as a catalyst for and initiate and implement new research activities.

CEES thus aims to facilitate the inflow of funding for research in the field, promote the training of researchers and developers for universities and industry, increase political awareness of the field and generally arouse interest in power electronics, so that more companies, educational institutions and students become aware of the major opportunities it offers.

A powerful set of partners

The CEES partnership is open in principle to new stakeholders with an interest in the field, who want to contribute to the joint effort to improve power electronics.

The community currently comprises a number of industrial companies of all sizes which use power electronics in their products. It also includes Denmark's leading technical universities, involved in research and education in the field of power electronics.

Global position of strength in the field of power electronics

Danish researchers and companies have established a leading position in the field of power electronics, particularly in relation to converters, where we have profited from a strong partnership between universities and a number of companies.

We MUST advance

Danish companies and researchers now have a strong foundation, and need to exploit the existing momentum to keep advancing Danish expertise. Power electronics is not going to stand still. If we are to maintain our strong position in the field we must keep advancing – requiring further research and development. This in turn requires investment and funding. It is therefore necessary for CEES to keep working on drawing attention to the field among politicians and funding decision makers. Power electronics must continue to have a high priority in the national research strategy in the future.

People with impressive records in R&D and innovation. People with influence and the ability to make things happen.

Trustworthy collaboration among people with a long record of collaboration and delivering results.

Fast and uncomplicated access to know-how, equipment and technology.

CEES creates and promotes new initiatives

– projects, technologies and education

Appropriate research programmes in any size based on research and industrial demand. Driven by genuine needs and our common vision.

A long term roadmap drives the development of new technologies. The scope being to drive the evolution and to provide the right technologies in due time - to offer clarity, reduced risk and best-in-class time-to-market.

Top level competencies and candidates for research and industry are key to obtain results and to make things happen. We pursue continuity and we strive to support this by attracting the best universities and industries.

We create clarity

– facts, road mapping, landscaping 

Clarity and fidelity. Scientific facts and results from the actual players in the field.

A mutual vision made available by means of road maps in technology and competencies.

Following and mapping the key parameters that feed our vision and strategy. Across parameters like technology, legislation and business.


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