Centre for Electrical Energy Systems

CEES is a Danish network for companies and education courses doing research and development in the fields of power electronics and electrical energy systems.

NEWS: Watch our new presentation movie

Power electronics is a major, important and wide-ranging topic, which in the future will receive great attention also outside of the narrow technologically interested circles. There is a great untapped potential, and based on the current Danish position of strength, a significant growth area can be created in Denmark - but it requires that we raise awareness among media, politicians, students and the public in general that equals the importance this subject has for our future energy supply and energy optimization.

We have done something to capture that attention. In our new presentation movie, you get an understandable, visual presentation and after watching, you will no longer doubt that we have to take an interest in power electronics - both as consumers, companies and community.


Partners and stakeholders

CEES promotes collaboration among people with expertise
from companies and universities who are interested in electrical energy systems and power electronics. CEES launches initiatives and promotes innovation based on synergies, trust and common interest.

Vestas Wind Systems is a Danish manufacturer of wind turbines for generating electrical energy. The company is a leader in its field and the largest manufacturer in the world.

Ninety staff work with research, teaching and communication in the field of energy engineering at the university's Department of Energy Technology.

LeanEco develops and produces the world's first virtual power solutions. A unique technology and a new dimension of intelligent, interactive control. Currently used for UPS products.

Danfoss is a leading international company in research into and the production and development of mechanical and electronic components and system solutions.

KK Wind Solutions supplies electrical systems for wind turbines which can reduce costs and optimise operations.

Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark's Maersk McKinney Møller Department under the faculty of engineering work with power electronics, among other fields.

Grundfos develops and produces circulation pumps and is currently the world's largest manufacturer, supplying around 50% of the world market.

Vattenfall is one of Europe's largest generators of electricity. The company works with all links in the value chain: production, distribution and sales.

Schneider Electric is global energy and optimisation specialist.

The company's ambition is to help people organisations to make the most of their energy supplies.

PowerCon Embedded works with wind turbines, and has specialised in control hardware and software.


270 employees at DTU Electrical Engineering work with research and teaching in the field of power electronics and energy systems, among other fields.


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