CEES is a partnership of key employees from leading

companies, universities and government departments.

CEES is open to new partners with an interest

in advancing the field of power electronics.



Thorkild Kvisgaard

Global Technology Manager - Electronics

Niels Gade

Director of Innovation - Danfoss Power Electronics

John K. Pedersen
Head of Department, Institute of Energy Technology

Klaus Moth

Founder and CEO, CEES

Founder and CEO, LeanEco A/S

Michael A. E. Andersen
Professor, Deputy Head of Department, Dept.
of Electrical Engineering

Morten Støvring
VP Engineering 3 phase UPS WW
Managing Director

Anders L. Jørgensen
Lead Architect, Managing Director

Kristoffer Qvist Nielsen

Vice President, Concept Development

René Balle
CTO, Technology and Projects

Bo Svoldgaard

Chairman, CEES

Head of Technology

Morten Nymand

Associate Professor, Syddansk Universitet, Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Institute

CEES Partners
Become a CEES partner

CEES acts as a private interest organisation for power electronics. We serve as a catalyst for power electronics projects and partnerships across companies, and between companies and universities. We work towards improving expertise in our field and ensuring there is a steady flow of qualified students into the area and that highly qualified developers and researchers are trained.


Our current partners are a range of industrial companies of all sizes which work with the development and/or production of power electronics. They also include universities which train engineers and work with research in the field.


Partnership is open to all companies and universities working in the field, with an interest in raising awareness of power electronics, exchanging experiences and advancing expertise within the field.

If your company or organisation is interested in sharing their experiences and challenges with others working in the field, please contact the CEES secretariat via the link below, or one of the partners in CEES.



Center for Elektriske Energisystemer
Niels Bohrs Vej 3A
DK-6000 Kolding