Effektelektronik handler om styring, transport og lagring af energi


Disciplinen kommer i anvendelse, når man skal konvertere

elektrisk energi fra en form til en anden

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We form an unique exclusive network with

innovative people, trust and confidence and on-demand access

to knowledge, equipment and support.


We offer uncomplicated and fast access to top-level knowledge, and you will be invited to cooperate on relevant projects. We are an independent and trustworthy forum with influence.



CEES is a geniune global stronghold.

Innovative people

Trust and confidence

On-demand knowledge

People with an impressive record in R&D and innovation. People with influence and the ability to make things happen.

Trustworthy collaboration among people with a long record of creating, making results - and collaborating..

Fast and uncomplicated access to know-how, equipment and technology, 


We create and facilitate new initiatives

– projects, technologies and education




Top level competencies and candidates for research and industry are key to obtain results and to make things happen. We pursue continuity and we strive to support this by attracting the best universities and industries. .

A long term roadmap drives the development of new technologies. The scope being to drive the evolution and to provide the right tevhnologies in due time - to offer clarity, reduced risk and best-in-class time-to-market.

Appropriate research programmes in any size based on research and industrial demand. Driven by genuine needs and our common vision. 

We create transparency

– facts, road mapping, landscaping 


Road mapping


A mutual vision made available by means of road maps in technology and competencies.

Following and mapping the key parameters that feed our vision and strategy. Across parameters like technology, legislation and business.

Clarity and fidelity. Scientific facts and results from the actual players in the field.


Center for Elektriske Energisystemer
Marstalvej 10
DK-6000 Kolding